About the Fabrics

These fabrics are all designed by me and are printed on demand in an EcoFabricPrint® certified factory in Europe. All fabrics are Oeko-tex certifiedThe pigments consist of 98% water, making them much more environmentally friendly than most printed fabrics. And the pigments themselves are certified/approved by Oeko-Tex and Gots. The following fabrics are available.

Please note that all fabric will be sent in continuous yardage when possible, however long yardage may be split in cases of end of rolls and similar, however, never you'll never receive shorter than 3 meter pieces. 

Bamboo Viscose:
100% viscose from bamboo. Oeko-tex certified. No stretch. The weight is 170gsm and it's 145cm wide.
Beautiful fabric with great drape. Perfect for light dresses, blouses, skirts and more. 

Cotton Canvas:
100% cotton. Oeko-tex certified. No stretch. The weight is 153gsm and it's 150cm wide.
This canvas has a soft feel, great for pillow coverings, jackets, structured dresses or pants (think woven clothing patterns with structure).

Cotton Jersey:
95% cotton and 5% elastane. Oeko-tex certified. About 50% stretch. The weight is 200gsm and it's 150cm wide.
The most commonly used knit fabric, depending on the drape you're looking for. Perfect for dresses, children’s wear, tops, underwear, PJ's, you name it, jersey can do it!  

Cotton Satin: 
100% cotton. Oeko-tex certified. No stretch. The weight is 130gsm and it's 160cm wide. 
A beautiful, soft woven cotton for a variety of uses, like sheets, quilting, curtains and many others. 

French Terry: 
95% cotton and 5% elastane. Oeko-tex certified. About 40% stretch. The weight is 240gsm and it's 145cm wide.
Cotton french terry knit is special in that way that it has a smooth and soft front side like cotton jersey, but it has tiny little soft loops on the back. It has a bit more structure than jersey because it is a little heavier due to the terry loops on the backside. Perfect for light hoodies, light joggers, shorts, dresses, tops and more.   

100% Polyester. Oeko-tex certified. The weight is 380gsm and it's 150cm wide.
Minky is absolutely perfect for every snuggly application you can think of! This fabric is very special thanks to its cuddly low pile/nap that is super soft to the touch! Use for blankets, hoodies, backs of quilts, slippers, soft toys and more.   

Muslin/Double Gauze:
100% cotton 2-layer material. Oeko-tex certified. The weight is 130gsm and it's 145cm wide.
Super light and airy two layer fabric. Perfect for the summer.   

100% cotton. Oeko-tex certified. No stretch. The weight is 210gsm and it's 140cm wide.
A sturdy woven cotton fabric, perfect for more heavy duty applications like bags, interior decoration and more. 

Rib Jersey:
95% cotton and 5% elastane. Oeko-tex certified. The weight is 220gsm and it's 100cm wide.
This beautiful ribbed knit jersey has wonderful elasticity, providing the perfect level of stretch without causing distortion to the original shape. 

Exterior is 92% polyester and 8% elastane. Oeko-tex certified. The middle layer is 100% TPU and the lining (polar fleece) is 100% polyester. The weight is 320gsm and it's 145cm wide.
The water resistance is 10000 mmH2O (water column/millimetres). The higher the water column rating of a material, the greater the water pressure it can withstand and the greater the level of waterproofness. For example, when sitting on wet grass in a pair of waterproof pants, the pressure on the fabric corresponds to a water column rating of about 2000 mm. Prints on this fabric is extra saturated in color due to the polyester base. 

100% cotton. Oeko-tex certified. The weight is 120gsm and it's 150cm wide.
This cotton fabric has a very loose weave, allowing for excellent breathability and air flow. It's commonly used for children's cloth diapers, but don't let that limit you, it's lovely for natural petticoats, scarves, napkins and beautifully breathable baby blankets.  

Waterproof Fabric - My Bag Making Favourite 
100% Polyester. Oeko-tex certified. No stretch. The weight is 210gsm and it's 155cm wide.
A thinner, water resistant fabric perfect for bag linings, and outdoor furniture covers. When interfaced this fabric makes fantastic, easy wipe clean bags with great durability without a lot of extra weight. Think everything from elegant purses to gym bags. It's my favourite fabric for bag making. Prints on this fabric is extra saturated in color due to the polyester base. 


I suggest washing with your usual, non bleach/whitening detergent, on cold (30°).  Do not leave your fabrics sitting in the washer wet as this is when ink transfer/bleeding contact can happen.